Join our mentorship program and be paired with a mentor/mentee (current Stanford undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, and professors all welcome!) with whom to share advice, stories, and encouragement.

Every year, we host a mentorship workshop/training session during fall quarter to help our mentor/mentee pairs get to know each other, and discover what they want out of a mentoring relationship. We also hold quarterly mentorship luncheons and fun group activities to help mentor-mentee pairs spend time together and support each other.

2016 Mentorship Scavenger Hunt

oSTEM mentors and mentees paired up to complete a “Stanford Landmarks” photo scavenger hunt that took them all over campus.

2015 Mentorship Retreat & Luncheon

Our mentor-mentee pairs first met and discussed what made a good mentor or mentee, as well as what qualities they valued in a queer role model in STEM. Further discussions included mentoring expectations, industry/faculty mentoring, and resources for queer STEM students on campus.