Meet the oSTEM@Stanford officer core!




Renee Cai


Renee is an undergraduate majoring in Physics at Stanford University, and has done research in experimental particle physics at both CERN in Switzerland and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford. As a co-founder of Stanford’s first group for women and gender minorities in Physics (PUWMAS) and an executive board member for the Stanford Out in STEM chapter, she is passionate about cultivating leadership for LGBTQ+ students and women in STEM fields. When she’s not in class or in the lab, you can find her exploring the nearest food festival, hiking in the mountains, or absorbed in a book at the local bookstore.

Vice President

Chava Bobb


Chava is from Denver, Colorado where they developed a love of the outdoors that motivated their decision to pusue a PhD in geochemistry. They study the impacts of resource extraction on groundwater quality, and their current research is focused on uranium contamination in the southwestern United States. As a member of oSTEM, they are committed to building community and increasing support for queer students, and working to increase awareness of the specific challenges that queer students face in STEM fields.


Chris Siefe


Chris Siefe is from Santa Barbara, California, where he pursued a degree in Chemical Engineering at UCSB. He now studies upconverting materials, which absorb low-energy light and emit higher-energy light for the purpose of renewable energy and bioimaging! As an officer for oSTEM, Chris hopes to provide students and professionals with the resources and opportunities they need to be successful in STEM!

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Leo Pastorfide Carney





Postdoctoral Scholar Liaison

Raul Navarro


Raul is grew up in Los Angeles, CA, before heading out east and obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Yale University. He obtained his Ph. D. in Chemistry from Caltech, and is currently a postdoc at Stanford, where his research focus lies in understanding the mechanisms by which proteins are degraded. As a member of oSTEM, Raul serves as the postdoc liaison and organizes many of the mentorship activities.

Graduate Student Liaisons

Nina Horowitz


Nina is a first year bioengineering student studying cancer immunotherapy. She just moved to California from the East Coast, where she majored in mathematics and biology at Williams College before working as a research technician at Boston University. She loves to fish, ski, and read. She is serving as an oSTEM graduate liaison because she hopes to create more opportunities for graduate members to meet, support each other, and interact with undergraduates or postdocs as both mentors and peers.

Kevin P. Erazo Castillo


Kevin was born in Ecuador in the middle of nowhere, and at the age of 12 moved to the middle of nowhere, New Jersey. He finished high school in northern New Jersey, then went to MIT where he studied chemistry and biology. Continuing on that track, he is now pursuing his PhD in chemistry. He is currently working in the Khosla Lab studying polyketide synthases, trying to elucidate regulatory mechanisms in the catalytic cycle of these enzymes. He also enjoys long walks on the beach…

Jacky_ChuUndergraduate Liaison

Jacky Chu


Jacky is from San Francisco and traveled a short distance to Stanford as a current first-year undergraduate. He is interested in Human Biology and aspires to become a doctor. As an active member of the Asian American community at Stanford, he hopes to understand its history and current struggles to someday work with Asian and Asian American queer youth. Outside of schoolwork, he loves playing volleyball with his friends, de-stressing with video games, and watching anime.


Past Officers:

Joey Nelson – President 2014-2017

Isaac Sevier – Treasurer 2015-2017

Alex Sevit – Graduate Student Liaison 2015-2017

Justin Halls – Postdoctoral Scholar Liaison 2016-2017

Kevin Lee – Undergraduate Liaison 2015-2016

Katie Novotny – Treasurer 2014-2016

Mike Tsiang – Secretary 2014-2016

Mary Reagan – Graduate Student Liaison 2014-2016

Sarah Wilson – Vice President 2014-2015